This file controls your Category settings. You can create, modify, and remove categories through this file. Below is the default categories.yml.


default:                                      # The category KEY. this must be unique. This is read on startup and used to reference the category internally.
  display-name: "&e&oDefault Category"        # The category display name. This is how the category will be shown in GUIs, etc. Supports & color codes.
  description: "Click to view this category.||&7&oIf there is only one category,||&7&ocategories will not be shown!"    # The category description. Supports & color codes and double pipes ( || ) for new lines.
  item-id: GRASS:0                            # the item you want to use in GUIS for this category, in this format: BUKKIT_MATERIAL:DAMAGE_VALUE (damage value optional)
  hidden: false                               # set the category as hidden or visible. 


For information on creating new categories, see Creating Categories.