Creating a New Template »
A template should be COMPLETELY setup and ready for use by players BEFORE they create their servers. Once a server has been created from a template changes to the template DO NOT get copied to those already-created servers! 

  1. Create a new folder in the PlayerServers template folder, name it something simple like "flatworld."
  2. Put spigot.jar in this template folder
  3. Copy the following files from the default template, to the newly created template folder: See "NOTE" below.
    • PlayerServers.yml (or copy it from here)
    • spigot.yml
    • bukkit.yml
  4. Edit PlayerServers.yml to add the name, description, and other setting of the new template.
  5. OPTIONAL: Edit all other configs (spigot, bukkit, etc) to your liking now.
  6. OPTIONAL: Create a plugins folder inside the newly created template folder. Put any plugins and their configs that you want to be included with the template in there.
  7. OPTIONAL: Put a world folder that you want to be copied to servers in the template folder.
  8. Run /psa reload if the server is online, and the template will be available for use.

NOTE: Make SURE these settings are set:


connection-throttle: -1


bungeecord: true

Template Tips »

  • Templates can be made into just about anything: a creative server, a survival server, a minigame server, a party games server (like mineplex), an adventure world server, and just about anything you can imagine! Be creative.
  • To update plugin or spigot .jars on a linux system simply replace the .jar with the new .jar file, making sure to keep the name exactly the same. .jar files are automatically symlink'ed to created servers on linux systems.
  • creator-gets-op is useful for build/creative server templates, but you may want to turn it off for survival server templates, and you definitely want to turn it off for game server templates.
  • Use a plugin such as FirstJoinPlus on your templates to automatically do certain things when a player joins, such as send them to automatically join a MiniGame installed on the template.