PlayerServers Template Settings »

A PlayerServers.yml is located in each individual templates' folder

(ex. PlayerServers/templates/default/PlayerServers.yml)

See #comments inline below for usage tips & valid values.
These are setup in each template, and copied to players' server on creation.


category: 'default'                 # Name of the category you want the template to be listed under. If not using categories, leave as "default"
template-name: 'Default Template'   # The human readable name of the template. Can use & color codes.
icon-material: GRASS:0              # The materialName:dataValue to use for the icon in the GUI. ex BEDROCK, DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE, WOOL:14
description: 'Default template description.||Edit this in the PlayerServers.yml||file for each template.'     # Description for the template. Color codes and line breaks (||) are supported.
creator-gets-op: true               # true/false, if the server creator gets OP/control of the server with /myserver
default-expiry-time: '1 day'        # Set the default expiry time for the template. Combine with config.yml's reset-expiry-on-create option to only give certain time in certain templates. Can be in mins/hours/days/months.
default-Xmx: 256M                   # Default server template max allocated memory (-Xmx startup parameter)
default-Xms: 128M                   # Default server template starting allocated memory (-Xms startup parameter)
owner-join-message: "&eWelcome the owner of the server!||&6&o%player%&e has joined!"
- '#enter custom commands to run on join here.'
- '#commands starting with # won''t be ran.'
- '#placeholders: %owner-name%, %owner-uuid%, %template-name%, %server-name%, %server-port%'