Config.yml is located in the BungeeCord PlayerServers plugin folder.
(ie. bungee/plugins/PlayerServers/config.yml)

Check #comments below for tips on usage or valid values.

You can edit this while the server is running, and use /psa reload in-game or from console to reload the config.


debug: false                        # if true, it will spam your logs with tons of very useful debug messages for troubleshooting.
prefix: '&b&oPlayrSrv &7&o»&f '     # customize the prefix for messages.
ps-custom-command: '/playerserver'  # customize the /playerserver command.
wrapper: 'default'                  # Select the server wrapper you want to use: 'default' (the included PSWrapper) or 'screen' are the choices
wrapper-control-address: 'localhost'# Leave this at localhost until remote server creation is implemented.
wrapper-control-port: 5155          # The port to connect to the default wrapper (PSWrapper) on to control servers. If you have something running on port 5155 change this, otherwise leave it alone.
hub-server: 'default'               # customize the server players are sent if they leave/are kicked from a player server. "default" will use BungeeCord's default_server setting.
servers-folder: 'default'           # customize the folder where player servers are stored. "default" will store them in the PlayerServers plugin folder.
port-min: 26000                     # Starting port for the port range you want servers to use.
port-max: 27000                     # Maximum port in the port range you want servers to use.
use-expire-dates: true              # will servers expire? dates will always be tracked, but servers will only be blocked from starting if this is "true"
reset-expiry-on-create: false       # If true, will reset a players expire time every time they create a server.
use-titles: true                    # When true, uses titles for many messages. If false, falls back to chat messages.
use-startup-queue: true             # Enable/disable server queuing when global-max-RAM or global-max-servers limit is reached.
global-max-RAM: -1                  # Maximum allowed RAM allocated by PlayerServers. Can be a plain number (of Mb), or a string like "1024M" or "2G". -1 to disable.
global-max-servers: -1              # Maximum allowed servers running at once. -1 to disable.
purge-servers: false                # Enable/disable server purging (deleting) after a time period.
purge-after: '30 days'              # Time period AFTER EXPIRE that it should wait before deleting servers.
purge-check-interval: '6 hours'     # How often to check for servers to be purged.
blocked-commands:                   # Define custom commands to be blocked (unless a user has "playerservers.admin" permission). Commands are defined using regex. Use for regex help/testing
- '^(/execute(.*)|/)(minecraft:)(ban(-ip)?|pardon(-ip)?|stop|reload)($|\s.*)?'
always-op:                          # Define players (by name OR UUID) that will ALWAYS be OPed when they join a PlayerServer. Typically add yourself + other admins here.
- Notch
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