If BungeeCord is in online mode, make sure BungeeCord & your Spigot servers are setup correctly to get online-mode UUIDs! Spigot-side permissions, server ownership detection, and other UUID-based things will break otherwise!

  1. Put PlayerServers.jar into the BungeeCord plugins folder.
  2. Symlink (recommended) OR copy PlayerServers.jar into all your existing Spigot server plugin folders. (or at least to your hub/any servers you want people to be able to start PlayerServers from, use join/template GUIs, get bukkit permissions, etc).
  3. Start and stop BungeeCord to generate plugin config & folders.
  4. Setup default template in plugins/PlayersServers/templates/default folder
    • Make sure to at LEAST put a spigot.jar in the default template folder, or nothing will work.
    • Change name and other settings in the templates PlayerServers.yml to your liking.
    • It is up to you to supply your own spigot.jar
  5. Restart Spigot servers to load PlayerServers helper plugin (the same PlayerServers.jar, installed on your hub/other servers as mentioned in step 2). Startup BungeeCord and create your own server (/ps create) to test. 


See optional install steps & setup suggestions here.