• This can happen when servers are slow to startup due to many plugins in the template, a slow machine, both, or some other reason. Make sure you don't have any plugins in templates that could cause the server to take 60+ seconds to start.
  • It can also happen when servers fail to startup due to a few possible reasons, such as crashes/hangs due to a plugin/other factor on start. Check your player server logs, which by default are located in ../BungeeCord/plugins/PlayerServers/servers/PLAYER-UUID-HERE/logs
    Tip: Also check for crash reports in the servers' crash-reports folder.
  • If you are using the default wrapper (look in your config.yml. If you haven't manually changed this to screen, you're using the default), you must use Java 8. Java 7 is only supported using the screen wrapper.
  • This can happen when using this plugin on improper (shared) hosting. (ie NOT a VPS, Dedicated Server, or self-hosted machine) Because you have less control on shared hosting, servers can fail to start up, causing this.